Creativity for Fiction or Function: #3

L. R. Lane
3 min readDec 11, 2020


Rhyme and Reason: Third of five articles (20 smart reader points)

Smart readers to keep on top of their game may need to refer back to the start.

“Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved — D.H. Lawrence”.

When the resilience of any artist is stretched by the influence of expense it is a wonder how anything functional and worthwhile comes together under the pressure.

Find the third italicized bold word of five to string together and reveal the only thing the audience knows.

From the construction phase onward their swirling world is an incredible paradox of workmanship and while being the creator, producer and marketing visionary responsible for the task the steep price to pay compounds disproportionately.

The composer/author for the work featured in this series of publications knows from the outset of the project there is a strong chance he is in over his head and everything about it could die on the vine. Optimism is minor in contrast to the unstable magnitude of promise and expectation, yet he still must decide what to do.

When nothing remains the same, assessing the value of productive energy and the scope of its influence on changing systems and perceptions of progress makes dealing with the circumstance increasingly difficult. There is no option to simply step away, so reaching heightened standards of artistry becomes a major hurdle and requires learning to face the unknown differently than ever before.

Sticking to the task (for an additional 20 points) — tenacity — the composer’s most valuable asset is also his secret playing card.

Building a solid platform to grow upon is a test of courage to conquer adversity and overcome the uncertainty. Literature and music are ideal fields for proving it. It is however a long shot because no matter how well the ideas seems to rhyme there is a need to establish a reason for their existence.

Some possible rationale is:

  • There is no obvious reason not to make it happen.
  • Someone might like it.
  • It could forge new ground.

It is clear regardless of the reason or the basis for the decision to move forward with the work a dependable method and system is the only thing to abide by. It all boils down to the need for fundamentals.

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, the simple nanny’s device for amusement and entertainment is vital to the progress and development of the composer’s objective — an organized structure of principles to adhere to. Everything grows from there.

All progress measured in increments is worth the achievement.

The composer nurtures his artistry carefully in its early development, keeping his creativity from being overruled by artificial forces because cheap shortcuts can cause the age-old solfa system to blaze a new trail and the options for it to diminish. It will weaken the quality of the output.

From there on the burden is reliant on credibility and a history of practical experience.

Tangible music just might be the only validation the composer referred to in this series can produce.

Progress to level 4 where a convincing pipe dream lays the flawless groundwork for a feasible vision.

Composer/author L.R. Lane has assembled a multifaceted internet production using his website, digital music distribution, eBook publishing and newsletter publications.

The originality of his compositions and work related to them is the focus of his presentation for the purpose of giving readers a special new way to get acquainted with the theme inherent in his creations.

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