#3 How to spin F: Dazzling Equation

L. R. Lane
3 min readMay 24, 2020


F a vehicle of expression transforms the composer’s vision and compels him to showcase technical know-how. The proof is in the music. (3 of 14)

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One way to make this fast: describe super-charged excitement. Spot the phrase in italics and hear the music for 20 “smart reader” points.

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The barrage came as a shock.

Fantastical, flippant, flagrant, fabulous, phenomenal and of course farraginous are still adding up. One fascinating character bound at least to be outlandish - a variable (emotion + experience + (F) = music) literally has no parameters defining it.

An Abstract Summary

Although pretty sophisticated — maybe too much so, here is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the welcome change in status for ‘F’.

A fully fledged entity, complete with a personality, level of intelligence and most significantly some level of authority seems crazy.

‘F’s influence on the makings of a masterful piece of music by interpreting and orchestrating in a way even its composer finds flabbergasting makes something about it irresistible.

Of course the entire exploit is absurd.

Remember, everything about the creation of this recorded, produced, engineered and apparently make-believe music suite oddly enough brings credibility to the reason it came into existence. A story such as this could never happen without empowering an oddball persona and there is no known rationale for the uncanny relationship ‘F’ develops with music.

The lengthy stretch of sonic variations twisting one emotion into an extravaganza of adventure has released a behemoth from its corral and there is no bridle for its raw energy.

Even with ample justification and validation to introduce the updated and upgraded function of one prominent figure this overture and promotion is merely designed to introduce a premise. Fictional invention with the power to produce anything that comes to mind and attribute abnormal skills and traits to it should as a result make proof of its existence irrelevant.

In other words if a pudding is talked up well enough there is no need to eat it which is why many reasons to see the idea as too much of a mouthful often become perfect excuses for avoiding validation.

The absurdity is inescapable and the character literally with no parameters defining it has the audacity to challenge anyone to guess its true nature.

So at this point when nobody really knows anything about the core of this subject, after implying that something about everything laid out so far in this description is never likely to be straightforward one thing should be clear. Its methodology stems from the peculiar wild notion that challenging wishes can be fulfilled by merely soaking up a pool of knowledge. When the wishes are recycled into a convincing facsimile of ingenuity they become practical.

Maybe this is a far-fetched experiment that is too unbelievable to make any sense. If so, it could never really be engineered and given the incredible ability to manifest itself. Allowing an unbridled innuendo to weave meticulously into a mosaic of music then take over is simply too wild, so nostalgia can never be the same feeling again.

On the plus side it is the energetic beginning to what fuels a whole new kind of suite.

The ‘F’ Game

Find the puzzling character.

If there is a solution, it is a puzzle. Without one — it’s just a mess.

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In subsequent newsletter four the character ‘F’ advances with the composer’s vision.



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