How A Ballet Barre Was Raised To Match A Cyber Tale Of Music

L. R. Lane
5 min readFeb 5, 2022


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Picture a 12-year old girl “wide-eyed and bushy-tailed” as they say, entering the world of performing art to become a ballet dancer where relatively a few are part of, yet a large number compete for excellence.

Day after day music and movement open the doors wider to the magical world of ballet and for the next couple of years the experience continues, then the doors close. The dancer’s feet are outside on the pavement and she is not looking back, confusion becoming a potential. However, having the desire to continue dancing and expand on everything she has learned thus far overrides the discomfort.

The realistic world of learning has come on strong very early. Resilience and desire are the only things keeping the dream alive to stay in the game in the many limited ways available. It is imperative to imbue this period of transition with an element of fun to keep the flow steady.

See how she uses her new lessons to make dreams come true.

When another invitation is extended to once again go through the doors where the art of ballet grows it is an entirely new place. It is more welcoming and advanced. The magic is powerful, steeped in music and energy, and thankfully there is higher appreciation.

Once again the doors to that world close behind the dancer nearly two years after the accelerated training and emotional chemistry are firmly established. The pavement seems more congenial at this point and experience is a stronger platform to build on for the future.

See how she uses the internet to showcase her production.

A band of street-wise stage performers have a perfect role open for the eager terpsichorean as though the real world has been anticipating another newcomer. One more year passes as they introduce her to a variety of audiences across the country and although the steps forward are small it is a living to allow bigger dreams to grow. Looking back through the eyes of a multitude who have never matured one can only observe the Nutcracker and its companion performance stories stuck in a historical context.

However, in contrast, those savvy entertainers in the normal world content with tradition can do nothing more to propel the aspirations of an independently-minded artist. It is therefore time to leave and become a solo ballet dancer seeking inspiration from meager prospects and despite the uncertainty a new frontier seems exciting.

The excitement is short-lived though, no matter how contemporary the new frontier is. A muse could never be more crucial.

See how new music breathes life into her magical world.

A brand new story no twelve-year old could absorb is essential, the music has to be a journey of audio nuances for the ears of constructive and productive thinkers and the dance form must be ballet. A duet formed between the dancer and her accompanist challenging him to make his music relatable is the most suitable vehicle. Having low overhead and ease of portability is the best rationale for increasing its longevity.

The majority of stages bourréed across are conducive to the new context, yet are mainly designed for the curious casual looky-loo and self-satisfied pseudo intellectuals and it is a condition making the cry for an applicable storyline forever more prominent, but luckily there is a new expanded platform for a larger and diverse audience — one that observes with discerning eyes. It is the internet — a perfect infrastructure.

See how she elevates her stature in the technological realm.

Publishing, distribution, communication and awareness, key necessities for production together in a website are an invention unrivaled and launched to go to new places assembled where confidence and security is established within the digital expanse.

The story’s theme, everyone’s daily performance fictionalized is liberated in a whole new way and shown by various means link upon link in a new cyber-libretto for the world. Author L.R. Lane chose to refer to it all through the title, “All in a Day’s Dance”.

See how credibility and balance come through her story.

Even from the perspective of a meteorologist the point to this stays in focus — one hundred per cent predictability — not possible.

Life is a continuous chain of experiences. -quote by meteorologist Jeff Haby

However, many of the dynamics are the same, hence, everyone has at least that in common.

One protagonist’s creative drive to fully automate her own success simply through education and circumvent the drudgery of learning from experience gives a different meaning to the word choreography as a planned set of steps to a desired outcome. Metaphors and scenarios in her story maximize the drama with an emphasis on future as an unknown variable. Everyone knows the formula, yet too few solve it absolutely.

See how everything etched in her portfolio is a sophisticated invention.

The newly recorded and orchestrated music as heard in the mind of our sincere goal-seeking protagonist is more prominent with every addition to her suite of experiences.

The barre is raised.

A multifaceted internet production at the All in a Day’s Dance website features digital music distribution, eBook publishing and newsletter publications.

The originality of the compositions and work related to them is the focus of this presentation for the purpose of giving readers a special new way to get acquainted with the theme.

Be sure to see the All in a Day’s Dance online specialties of music, story, website and more.



L. R. Lane

Putting the vagaries of daily experience into a fictional context L.R. Lane draws from his original music (The TW Suite).